Molly’s Story

Many people may not know how our rescue came about, this is how this all got started….
Almost 10 years ago, I (rescue founder Heather) found a white bulldog. She was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. I tried finding out where she lived, but as it turned out, she was meant to be with me. I named her Molly, aka Moe Moe. She quickly became the love of my life. She went everywhere with me. She had her own stroller (no she wasn’t spoiled at all), she slept right next to me every night, and she was my pride and joy. The closest thing I will ever know to have a 2 legged child.

Thru each vet visit I learned more and more. My poor baby girl had more than likely been used for nothing more than breeding. She had scars on her legs from what we guessed was her being stuck in her own feces. Her ears were like cauliflower, fat and bumpy. Her eyelids were inverted. She had an ACL tear in each hind leg. Lord, let me tell you she was perfect. She could do no wrong.

Then one day, my life would be forever changed. It was a normal day, like any other. I went to work and came home. When I walked into the house Molly wasn’t there to greet me. A million things ran thru my mind, I went on a mad dash searching for her. I found her, by the couch, her little body turning cold. That day will forever be stuck in my head. It was the worst day of my entire life.

Losing her is not something I’ve ever been able to get over, just learned to deal with the pain.

Here we are years later, I’ve been involved in the rescue world for several years now. I have to tell you, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. There is a group named Bulldogs with Special Needs, if you’re not a part of it, I suggest you join. The group is more than just a group. We are a family. It’s like nothing else in the world. Thru the group I’ve learned so very much and always had support. The only thing was, it is a group designed to give advice, be there for each other. I guess you could say I wanted to do more.

March 1, 2016 Moe Moe’s Rescue of the Rockies went from a dream to reality. Please don’t get me wrong, I would never be where I am without so much support and loving friends. It’s something I’m grateful for every day. Unfortunately there is always going to be a “Molly”, a bully breed too much and not loved enough.

Thank you all for everything and making my dreams come true!!